Do all our social media platforms compliment or compete with each other in our quests to create content?..& 3 sub posts Inspiration on Our Trip Ralph Fiennes Sheryl Sandberg Lisa Ray & Cannes London Reccos for kids

Hello! Hope all is well. We are fine, and as you must be, I have been rather busy with one thing and another so haven’t really written a proper update in a while. Being my Blog Diary, that our show is actually based on, I realize it’s high time I do a proper update, but if I am honest there is so much to say, and discuss with you, and so much feedback I would like from you, that I don’t know where to start.

So, in an attempt to make this easier to write and read, hopefully:)…being rather a nerd, below are sub topics so you could jump to what may interest you:)! But before that…a dilemma that your opinions and suggestions would really be welcome for…

- Wow…all our social media platforms allow us to tell a story and stay connected, but sometimes in a quest to keep up with all, are we re telling the same stories! Is there a way we can let our platforms compliment each other so we use all of them effectively to tell the same story? This may sound like gibberish haaha, but it is something I have been struggling with a bit and I would love your views on how best to be an effective blogger, FB er, Tweeter, Instagramer (I am hoping to finally start that too:)), while of course doing our show and other work and being hopefully a good  mummy to our kids.

I find I update @twitter and @facebook as they are generally quick to do…and then I always intend to write here, on my @blog . As from what I understand, this is a platform which allows us to get into more depth, and discussion. But of course that takes more time, so often gets relegated to later.

But are our readers and viewers different on the different platforms? Or are they / you the same?

I now find I use FB most, to tell a brief story, and then as sort of notes for my blog…while twitter becomes the instant sprinkling of what’s happening. So they compliment each other and actually help me and hopefully you, my readers.

Perhaps many of you already do this, but I am only just discovering it. Maybe some of you choose just one or two platforms like FB and twitter and are happy with that. I just find with all these new platforms and apps emerging every day, expounding the importance of content and telling stories, are we all cutting our stories short with too many places to put them!?!

My show is an extension of all this, on another two platforms..TV and You Tube. Hence you understand why I am taking some time here to try and figure how best to use them all effectively without boring you! Do let me know if you have any tips.

Now for those topics (using FB as notes and linking to those posts as well so as not to reinvent any wheels:)). Going from most recent to approximately where we last were…and for those who have seen these I have tried to add some extra bits:) and apologies as hope you understand, this is an attempt to keep this updated:) Hope you enjoy the pix and posts:)

Post 1: Bedazzled While We Sat Bedecked:

Fun at the Retail Jeweller India Awards With lovely Lisa Ray Farah Khan Ali Gul Panag - Official FB Gul Panag NEHA Dhupia Neha Dhupia All of us in our bling haaha…Thanx @Gemfields @Jetjewels Nandita Mahtani for the clothes and jewels! I’m rather a simpleton as you know so don’t usually get all jewelled up so it was a fun change:) Gemfields Congrats all the participants and lovely meeting you too Rouble Nagi

So the above was a post on FB with a few photos the link to which is here and

Lisa is truly an inspirational woman as are the others I was with and so many more of you! Hoping to have many of you on the show either physically or your comments and suggestions. More on that in my next post.

the sparkly stage…

The 4 of us at @peppapigworld paultonspark coming up in a post below…

More pix from the Jewelery night…

nehadhupia​ and me:) selfy ing haaha

- Post 2…A funny Mummy Tip I got sent:

Haaha! Sometimes stating the obvious can be hilarious! Hope we all do follow this instruction btw:) Got sent it by a friend and have to say it’s a mummy ish tip that had me chuckling:)! What say?!!

Post 3: Inspiration On Our Work come Holiday Trip Some Reccos, Zen’s Bday and more…

So again I am referring back to some posts on FB as it helps me remember details of what I felt back then.

Cannes and the UK. Traveling with our kids, Zen’s B’day. Meeting some inspirational icons…

Yes…it was a wonderful and action packed work come holiday!

Inspired On Our Cannes Trip by wonderful discussions at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity and of course by all the adventures of traveling with our kids:)!!! Inspired for ideas for our show:) Fun and hectic:) Know the feeling?.. Great having my mum along to help Hoping to have some super international guests on our show as well as the great list we have from back home Any suggestions? Trying though it may be hard to get but figure I won’t know if I don’t try right? Inspirational discussions by Sheryl Sandberg COO of Facebook and Alan Rusbridger Ralph Fiennes and others

ralphfiennes-only​ and moi:)…I would love him as a guest on my show but as he said haaha he is not a Dadddy or Mummmy:) and as for the moment the show has inspirational Parents as guests…it may not happen this time but he is v inspirational and a super actor of course.

More from the album at

Inspiring views by Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg on making marketing personal and empowerment of women…would love her as a guest on our show what say. sherylsandberg​

Simple little tricks are often the best at keeping kids entertained…what say

More big stars who were there int he pic above haaha…

Super having my Mum with us…she was such a help with the kids…

Then to the UK…London and visiting my sister and my little niece and family in the countryside…more pix at

Was lovely to see my sis and little niece and family, my Uncle, Aunt and all the cousins in Londres and friends too. Had a super time and reinforces my respect for all who bring up kids with no help. We managed but haaha have to say there were some hectic moments of little ones running wild n us trying to instil discipline with a smile:) (didn’t always succeed haaha, but tried, so any tips are most welcome:)). After a lovely trip, good to be back home too:) A few reccos of fun things to do in the UK wth kids in the pix and a soon to write blog post. Have a super rest of week and weekend all! (don’t have pix of all my lovely relatives and friends who we met with or the few interviews with mums I did there for our show, on this as it would have made it even more bulky haaha but you know who you all are and it was super seeing you all!

Cousin Issy hugging Big Bro Zen:) awww

Mummy, Namu and me:) with all our kids haaha…

Donkey rides on the beach…such fun and highly recommended for lil ones!

Peppa Pig World was a bit hit with our kids and us:) @peppapigworld paultonspark​ A comfortable train ride from London.

Hugs and smiles:)

With super Kemi my bestest friend from Uni @londonschoolofeconomics at fun rainforestcafe​ A super place to eat well and be entertained by Rain Forest animals:) Our kids loved it! Centrally located in London’s Shaftsbury Avenue.

The Pirate Ship at the Princess Di gardens in South Ken was a big hit too! Being a wonderful sunny day helped:)!

My little helpers haahaa! After a wonderful trip..time for us to go home. Much a being away is fun it’s also great to be back home…what say? Cliched a it sounds…home is where the heart is:) so I guess as long as we are all together, it’s home:)! Agree?

So phew…I have kindda updated my blog with the help of FB posts! Hope it was not too bitty:) and promise to be more regular so the posts are better written and not just updates. Thank you for reading…our ‘socialmediamily’ ie all of you, are so important to me, so thank you and as always it is thanks to you that our show is possible. And woohooo airing on @StarWorld from Nov. And until we meet here again tarataratara!!!

Yipeee! Yeh…S3 of Our Show Airs on STAR WORLD from NOV Hope u like it & Thank u for all your encouragement

Hello hello my blogamily (apologies for my cheesiness haaha)! How are you all? Once again I am sorry not to have written for a while but as seems to be the norm now, it has been hard to find a quiet few minutes to pen my thoughts in any form of coherence that warrants being read by you!

It’s been a busy few weeks as it must have been for you too… with lots of interesting interactions, discussions and adventures, your views on which would be greatly appreciated, as always. But before delving into all of that, a very exciting announcement…

Season 3 of our show, airs on STAR WORLD from November! Yipeee! We are thrilled and want to say a big thanks to all of you, our audience, friends and blogamily:) as bringing our show into a 3rd Season has largely been possible all thanks to your encouragement, interactions and great response! And on a channel that if I am honest, was my dream channel for our show!

I have loved all the channels we have been on of course and hope to do more with them going forward too, but Star World was what I had first dreamed of and I truly hope you like the slightly modified format which moves more toward what I always planned, more discussions, debates and chats with inspirational mums from all walks of life on topical issues, within my blog.

This also reaches out to you more than before and hope to have some of you on the show as guests, on panels and to share your views and suggestions so do please write in here or on or my twitter handle @tarasharmasaluj with any suggestions for topics and guests etc that you may have.

Also a big thanks to our wonderful sponsors Johnson’s Baby, of course, who’s progressive often out of the box thinking has been pivotal in supporting the vision of a starting out mompreneur…me haaha! And of course thanks to my husband Roopak, the co-producer of our kids and our show haaha! His company co-produces the show with me so thanks to our super team as well. And thanks to my parents and inlaws who always encourage me and Daddy who saw all of Season 1 before he passed on and encouraged me to create my own content! Hope you are smiling from above Daddy! And most importantly a huge thanks to our kids, who are the inspiration and reason I started this show. They are at a very hectic age now 3 and 5 so oft it is very hard to do any work when around them, but by and large they understand and cooprerate and help with the show so thank you! Haaha sounds like I am giving an Oscar acceptance speech so I best zip up…

On that note, being a cautious person, I never believe anything till it actually happens so yes yes though I am announcing all this here and now, this is when the hard work begins to create a Season you all love. So to work I now go haaha! Thanks again and I wanted to share all this with you here first so apologies for my ramble, but it’s excitement pouring out!

Apologies also for having kept you waiting as many have asked when we will start but the reality is, like anything it is also often hard work getting all the deals in place and of course making it happen, so it’s taken us a while to get here!

Was going to write about the last few weeks here and the exciting interactions and debates we have had on FB etc on various interesting mummy issues like balancing home and work, technology and kids, Daddy’s involvement etc and inspiration from hearing Sheryl Sandberg speak, Indra Nooyi’s controversial statements and meeting Ralph Fiennes etc, but I will save all that for another blog post as as always after a few mins of quiet time, I am now being summoned by our kids with ‘Mummy come one now please!’ haaha so till we meet here again tarataratara!

Thank You! Our Show Channel, Encouragers, Team, Sponsors & YOU, our audience! S3 is almost here & on my dream channnel! Announcing sooon Yipeee

Hi! How are you all? We are fine and excited as Season 3 of our show is finally all coming together. Being a cautious, slight ‘worrying weirdo of a mum’, as Zen often endearingly refers to me:), I will only officially announce details like channel and time, once things are even closer to being on air, however, suffice to say the channel, sponsors and show, are a dream come true, so thank you all, you know who you are:), and most importantly thank you, you - my readers, encouragers, our audience!

Lots of work to do now, to make it really rock and make it worthy of all of you, our audience, enjoying. So please do send in any suggestions of what you would like covered, who you would like to see on as guests, celeb and regular, inspirational mums and dads, even grandparents, and also perhaps what you don’t want to see:)!

I promised myself I would write a relevant, fun, interesting post, but between back to back meetings putting this together, daily bits and bobs and all our kids and family stuff, I see now it is almost midnight and perhaps not the best time for me to try and churn out much sense, so I shall simply say thank you and good night and I promise to write more substantially soon but do please write in with suggestions and do add to this list of guests and anymore suggestions, and till we meet here again tarataratara!

Abit About Our Launch of Dad’s Book, Mother’s Day @CPAA Show & TSS S3 Yipeee

Thank you…our little launch of Dad’s book, Songs for My Grandchildren, was a lovely event. With loads of kids, parents and even grandparents singing and dancing along with us to Dad’s catchy tunes. KaiZen were loving being on the mike and surprised me by not being shy but instead enjoying helping me conduct the sing-along. Am pretty sure Dad would have been chuckling from up above! Partly because his last project, before he passed, this book, is out and a published reality for all kids to enjoy, and partly because I am no great singer haaha but thanks to the super audience, some of you, I was encouraged to keep going and we all had a great time! And so I started this post with a thank you!


Thank you to those who were there and those who read this and interact with me on social media and watch our you tube channel, the videos of the 3 songs are on there, at the links below, as we truly have become an online extended family and your encouragement keeps me constantly striving to create more and better. By the way, please do subscribe to the you tube channel if you enjoy the content!

The Counting Song:

The Exercise Song:

The Little Pony Song:

Available at Kitab Khana and online on


Technology often comes to the rescue and often if there’s a technical glitch one is forced to do something that may actually enhance something. This happened to us. We had shot a little video of us singing the songs thinking we would play them to the audience after 1 live enactment but there was a techi glitch and the computer at Kitab Khana couldn’t play the videos…and so, yes we sang and enacted the songs 12 times!


Haaha! All fun, and so the new videos have bits of the event in them as well. And the experience opened up a new opportunity for me, to entertain kids! I love doing it and really hope kids enjoy it too, so please show these videos to your kids or any you know and let me know what they thought! And as it was also a celebration of Mother’s Day, once again a huge thank you to my wonderful Mummy and all Mums!

Almost everyone feels their mum is the best mum for them…I love my mum infinitely and respect her immensely as I am sure all of you do yours. Mum’s Day was last week so I won’t go on about it, suffice to say I believe we should celebrate everyone everyday, by giving respect, joy and love, if of course it is deserved:), which most oft it is! So it’s Mothers’, Non-Mothers’, Kids’, Fathers’, Grandparents’, everyone’s day, everyday. Below is a pic of Mum and Dad before we were born, with our famous dog, Ranjha.


Mother’s Day was a busy day for me as after the launch I took the kids to a friend’s birthday party and then had to rush to get ready to walk the ramp for a cause very close to my heart. The Cancer Patients Aid Association Fashion show with Shaina NC and Vikram Phadnis and others to raise money for CPAA, a wonderful NGO, helping in all aspects of Cancer care for those less fortunate. I do whatever little I can for Cancer PAA, but it is always so little compared to the amazing work they do. Here is me on the ramp.


Friday was a big day for our country. Election results and a new Government. As you know I rarely write about politics here as admittedly am no expert and this is not the right platform for that, so even now I will not write my views on the results, but just say here’s hoping the future is bright for India and everyone.

And before saying bye…

I am very excited as after many months of working on and hoping Season3 would soon become a reality, finally all deals have been finalised and by Sept-Oct we will be on the top English channel with The Tara Sharma Show Diaries of a New Mum - S3! Yipeee! A Season celebrating inspirational mums from all walks of life. So as always please do write in with any suggestions of who you would like to see as my guests on the show and any other ideas you may have! So on that note, have a super rest of weekend and week ahead and till we meet here again, tarataratara!


Do join us to celebrate Mother’s Day with the launch of Dad’s book(Thank you Mr Amitabh Bachchan) , Times Kidz World Fair & Go For Health Round Table Meet

Hi everyone! My blog post today is a little different. It is a note to you, an invitation…here goes:)


Hope all is well.

We would love you to join us to celebrate Mothers Day with the launch of Dad’s book, ‘Songs For My Grandchildren’. The invite and cover page are below.
Shortly before passing Dad wrote this book for our kids. They love it as do we and we hope all of you will too! With kind testimonials from Mr Amitabh Bachchan as a Grandad & top educationalists, Ms Seervai and Miss Curmally, we are excited that Dad’s last project is becoming a reality that all little children can enjoy.


Mothers Day is a great day to celebrate mums and have a lovely time together as a family, something Dad would have loved, so we decided to celebrate Mothers Day with the launch. A fun little reading and a chilled Sunday morning with the family.

Part of the proceeds from sales will go toward research for a cure to emphysema, which is what Dad suffered from. Do RSVP here if you would like to come and the number of people, kids too of course! Space is a slight constraint so we need to confirm numbers.

And if you can’t make it do please look out for the book post May 11th in book stores and Amazon etc (I will post links soon) and we will be posting a video of us enacting the songs soon and a video of the event! A two week in advance Happy Mothers Day:)!

This year Daddy would have been 75 so we are keen to do a few things through the year around his wonderful works and legacy that keep him alive forever.

So do RSVP here if you can make it, with numbers, as space is a constraint

As mentioned we will be donating part of the proceeds from Dad’s book sales for research and this brings me to a very interesting conference on ‘Go For Health’ and dental stem cell treatment. Dad often used to joke that he was ahead of his times with a lot of things, often in his work, his thoughts and sadly in time for a cure for the disease he suffered from, emphysema. Being a brave fighter, he lived 10 years longer than Doctors first predicted, and in fact wrote this book and several others when unwell and on oxygen, with a positive mind and spirit always. He researched alot on his own and apart from great docs and traditional meds, he explored stem cell treatment and really believed it could help him. He did a few rounds of therapy which did really help him. Physically, and as he said mentally as well, as it gave him even more hope. Sadly in his case, the cures were not yet discovered, but he was confident they soon would be. And so, when I was recently approached to associate with and learn more about dental stem cell therapy, it’s applications and research in the field, because of my exposure to the concept by Dad (and also we banked both kids umbilical cord blood), I associated with Stemade and recently attended a super ‘Go For Health’ round table conference of top school principals in Pune, where they promote healthy living at a grass root, school  children level, and discussed more on what stem cells can achieve. With a wonderful panel of learned people, Mrs. S. Kaur, Principal Podar International School Chakan; Dr. Amita Phadnis, Director - Oyster & Pearl Hospital,; & Stemade’s MD learnt alot, and hope one day a cure to emphysema is discovered and to all other ailments for that matter!

Ok, going to inaugurate the Times Kidz World Fair now! Do join us! Lotsa fun for all planned over the next few days!

Displaying photo.JPG

So until we meet here again, tarataratara!!